Upcoming: Chapter 5—Nour Mobarak, Sphere Studies and Subterranean Bounce , October 4–November 8, 2020

After a brief hiatus, Hakuna Matata is back with an exhibition of sculptures and sounds by Nour Mobarak.

Up on the hill, Mobarak presents two related bodies of work. The six SPHERE STUDIES are part of her ongoing examination of the material and metaphoric possibilities of mycelium. Growing through a substrate in a rhizomatic system of hyphae, mycelium has its own kind of intelligence, one that opens the possibility of personal relationship. As a material it is versatile and malleable; only for those who understand it, however, will it work, assuming the ternary role of material, subject and studio assistant.

Then there is a five-channel sound installation emanating from the bowels of the earth. SUBTERRANEAN BOUNCE is built from recordings of the movements of spheres of various sizes and densities.

Key themes include:

Intersensory deferral / displacement


Michael Crichton

Trip to Petra

The sound of form and the form of sound

Kill your studio assistants

Family history / daddy issues